Farming in the Karoo

“The karoo is the home of the famous Karoo Lamb brand”

Karoo Farms

The Karoo, land of vastness, peace and tranquility. This is where you will experience unbelievable starry nights (it makes you feel like you can touch the stars). Wonderful sunsets, the Karoo has a beauty of its own.

Whether you are looking for a small scale or a larger commercial small livestock farm, the Karoo is the place to be.

The Karoo is well known for its production of mutton, beef and natural fiber e.g. wool and mohair. Let us look at the importance of these products:

Mutton Farming

The price of mutton generates very good income for the farmer. The market for the product is lively and healthy. World wide red meat is one of the commodities with the largest growth.

Wool Farming

  • Wool used for clothing in cold weather countries like China, now with the second strongest economy in the world. Wool used for many products enriching peoples lives.
  • Used for the making of finest fashion articles. Also for coats, cloves, knitting wool , slippers and medical sheep skins for patients to avoid bedsores. Motor seat covers and covers for other multipurpose chairs etc.

Angora Farming

Angoras produce its wonderful fiber, mohair. Used for the manufacturing of many quality, durable and luster products.

Articles like:

  • Stoles
  • Curtains
  • Mohair upholstery
  • Blankets


  • Rugs
  • Cushion covers
  • Socks
  • etc.

Mixed with wool for manufacturing “Men’s” and “Lady’s” suites and evening wear.

Angoras are widely farmed in the Karoo for its profitability.

Boer Goat Farming

Boer goats are farmed in the Karoo where grazing consists partly of Karoo bossies, grass, shrubs and trees such as Acasia Karoo.

There is a high demand for “Boer goats” from the province of Kwazulu – Natal and elsewhere for meat and ceremonial purposes.

It is thus a very good source of income for farmers in the Karoo.

Cattle Farming

Very stable and good combination with small stock farming in some areas of the Karoo and provide a good income for farmers.

The Economics of Farming in the Karoo

Besides the particular Lifestyle you are going to experience in the Karoo, the economic advantages are also of most importance.

The most important economic advantage of farming in the Karoo is:

  • Less labor and input costs and larger profits.

It brings the conclusion and our motto for Karoo Farms.

“Input Costs Down – Income Up!”

Safety and Security in the Karoo

Besides the peace and tranquility that nature provides, crime rarely occurs in the Karoo..


Figures for total gross income (deducting direct allocated variable costs) from sheep e.g. wool type, dual purpose sheep, mutton breed and angoras can be as high as: 70-80%.

The above notes have been compiled by Bennett van Rensburg from various sources.